Legal Background

Katrina Worsham is a graduate from George Washington Law in 2017. She currently resides in Washington, DC. Her legal focus is cybersecurity and digital rights. She is familiar with legal issues involving copyright, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and constitutional limitations of government access to private devices.

She has advised and worked with programmers on projects that aim to expand public awareness about new technologies. She is currently involved in a feminist cryptocurrency initiative aimed at increasing the presence of women in this area of tech.

Her initial interest in coding and tech developed when she discovered web design in middle school. At 12 years old, she noticed that certain profile pages on a game called "Neopets" had unique and custom designs. Being creatively inclined, she set out to figure out how this was done.

Over the years, she continued exploring her programming interests alongside her academic career. She gained knowledge on encryption, peer-to-peer networks, and general connection and device security. She now combines her tech interests with her legal background to further an effective framework for the digital landscape.

Web Development and Design

In addition to her legal background, Katrina has a strong foundation in design and is familiar with front end web development. Her artistic expertise is illustration and concept design. She has designed logos and promotional materials for multiple student organizations including the "Military Law Society" (MLS) and National Security Law Association" (NSLA) at GW Law.

She is experienced with graphics utilities (Photoshop and InDesign) and code editors (Sublime Text Editor, Haroopad, and Atom). Primarily, her work involves HTML and CSS.

Personal Life

In her spare time, Katrina is a comic artist and musician. She has performed at venues such as the Tree House Lounge and JV's Restaurant. She is also gamer (when time allows) and enjoys doing concept designs for her friends' game projects.